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This all natural ‘dry oil’ seals in moisture with a lightweight feel. Oils are occlusives—they trap water into the skin and hair and keep the precious moisture from seeping out. But while dry oils are still classified as traditional carrier oils, they won’t leave a sticky feeling on the surface of your skin. One of the most common complaints with body oils that they can leave a residue on the skin, which can transfer to clothing, linens, and more. You don’t need to have that concern with dry oils as the absorption rate is so much faster. By the time you go to put on your clothing, you'll be ready to go. This also means they're a great option to spot treat throughout the day. If you want to use your dry oil as a cuticle oil or to pay closer attention to areas like your hands, it won't get in the way.

If you pick a dry oil for your hair, it also won't weigh down your strands. In fact, after a few minutes of applying dry oil on damp hair, you won’t even realize that you applied an oil—it sinks right in.

Moisturizing Body Oil

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